SAT Results


SAT Score : 2040- (Reading-650, Math- 690, Writing 700)

Eduquest ( 1attempt ) has been immensely helpful since day one. Extremely comprehensive classes with very well qualified teachers and counsellors who know the ins and outs of the SAT and taught us to overcome obstacles and avoid falling for typical SAT tricks. The practice tests every Saturday were particularly helpful. Also, the review sessions were pivotal. To me, it is more important to review practice tests & identify where you went wrong in order to avoid making the same mistake again than it is to attempt more practice aimlessly, and the review sessions ensured just that. Thanks!


SAT Score : 2120 (Writing780, Math-690, Reading-650)

Eduquest (1Attempt) Abu Dhabi helped me improve my approach to standardized tests and my overall performance on the SAT. I improved by over 400 points .Thanks!


SAT Score : 2130 (W-700, M-780, R-650)

I got 2130 in my SAT with 780 in Maths, 700 in Writing and 650 in Critical Reading. 
My experience with Eduquest was great as by the end of the course I had improved my score by almost 500. The classes were extremely useful and the teachers and counsellors were great at telling us exactly how to approach the questions and improve.Thanks!


SAT Score: 2230 (R-720, M-800, W-710) Essay-6 

Thank you One Attempt team.


SAT : 1880 (R-530/M-730/W-620)

I am highly thankful to Eduquest for helping in all aspects to achieve a decent score in SAT. They taught me best strategies and tips personalized to my abilities. What was most important for me was time management. I was fully engaged with school activities and other tuitions but the Institute adjusted a lot by allowing me to attend in other batches as per my convenience of available time. This is a great help which I can never forget. They understand the value of overall performance, not just scoring in SAT and hence their teaching is comprehensive, highly professional. I felt every student is happy with Institute.


SAT Score : 2250

"Jamboree was instrumental in my success in SAT, their flexible timings, fantastic teachers and regular diagnostics really went a long way to help me. Despite offering so many courses, the teachers still found time to accommodate all my needs and all credit to them. Jamboree is the way to go for any student giving SAT! "


SAT Score : 1860

I had a deadline of writing my SAT for the first and only time by October of 2012 to start my college undergraduate applications and honestly, I had no idea how to go about it. Jamboree, however, helped me immensely not only coaching for the SATs but also in the entire application process. My score of 1860 in SAT 1 and the extra help i got for TOEFL has been extremely helpful. Jamboree also provided excellent counseling to make my admission process as smooth as possible and my acceptance to UIC would have been impossible had it not been for all the help i received to write out my essays and shortlist colleges to apply to. All in all, I am very grateful for all the assistance that i have received andIi highly recommend jamboree to anyone wishing to apply to universities both in India


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