GMAT Results


GMAT Score : 710 (Q-49, V-38)

When I first decided to take to take the gmat I wasn't sure I needed help I thought my English was pretty strong and as an electrical engineer I figured I took more than enough maths in my lifetime to be able to take the gmat on my own but I went to Eduquest to have a chat with them anyway. After talking to Farzam and Sachin I found out the GMAT was a much bigger monster than I previously thought and to be honest I could not have achieved my score without them, so I would like to thank Eduquest for their help and a special thanks to both faculty who were there for me every step of the way.


GMAT Score: 720

Joining Jamboree Abu Dhabi (Eduquest) was the best decision I made when I started GMAT preparation few weeks back. Succeeding in GMAT not only needs regular practice of all sections, but also requires figuring out effective study and exam strategies. The faculty helped me get both aspects perfect. Their guidance on my study strategy ensured that I strength my sectional skills, while their tips on exam strategies helped me during mock tests as well as the actual exam. That's what made all the difference in the end. The support staff and counselors too are full of quality advice. With mounting office pressure, nearing application deadlines and a high target score of 700+, Jamboree Education is just what I needed. Highly recommended for anyone looking to beat the GMAT!!


GMAT Score : 760

Jamboree Dubai flaunts with a team of dedicated professionals. Both trainers and counselors at Jamboree are extremely passionate and are always willing to go an extra mile. Needless to say, the expertise and experience the trainers have is brilliant. Additionally, it also flaunts a fabulous physical infrastructure. The study center is complete with the proctored labs, classrooms and other student conveniences. This makes a difference - as it makes the environment conducive to studying and learning. All in all, a highly recommended institute for those aiming high on their competitive exams.


GMAT Score : 750

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jamboree Dubai whose faculty and support staff never hesitated to go out of their way to help and guide in improving my GMAT score and this has resulted in my touching the 700+ mark. I would recommend Jamboree without hesitation to any gmat aspirant.


GMAT Score : 740

The instructors at Jamboree were very supportive, the teaching highly relevant and the preparation rigorous. It would've been much harder to get a 740 without their help.


GMAT Score : 730

Jamboree was instrumental in helping me prepare for the GMAT. The instructors are very well informed and went over and above the standard training material to provide me with personalized feedback. They helped me identify gaps in my knowledge and gave me the right form of training to achieve my goals. I had a great experience with Jamboree and would highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the GMAT.


GMAT Score : 730

Jamboree provides the student with excellent coaching, exhaustive study material and splendid classroom and test-taking facilities. If you are planning to appear for the GMAT, I strongly recommend Jamboree. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Jamboree!


GMAT Score : 710

"I had only 4 months before I could give my first and last attempt at GMAT to seek admission for the MBA batch of 2013.Jamboree's tutors have been instrumental in mentoring me and guiding me from start to finish. I've been given excellent help right from being oriented about what GMAT is all about to gearing up for the BIG day. A special thanks to Ashish for staying up with me during all those extra hours and for the all the extensive coaching and help. Getting a score of 710 was unimaginable at the first attempt and I'm still surprised I managed it. Wouldn't have been possible without Jamboree. Excellent coaching, good material and intensive environment.Kudos to you guys! :D"


GMAT Score : 710

"Jamboree has an interesting and entertaining method to address the topics covered in the GMAT exam. The skills and expertise of the teachers of Jamboree with the GMAT examination are outstanding. I would personally recommend Jamboree to anyone serious about taking their GMAT exam."


GMAT Score : 700

"I am grateful to Jamboree for the outstanding supports that I have got throughout my GMAT preparation. The facts that set Jamboree apart from all other similar institutions are its ample practice resources and relentless support of its dedicated faculties who are ready to provide all sorts of assistance at all times. From all considerations, I strongly believed that Jamboree could be the best choice for GMAT preparation in Dubai."


GMAT Score : 700

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Jamboree Institute - the support staff as well as the faculty have never hesitated to go out of their way to help and guide in improving my preparation for the GMAT which has resulted in my touching the 700 mark. I would recommend, without hesitation, the Jamboree Institute to any prospective GMAT aspirant."


GMAT Score : 700

It would be unfair to say that cracking the GMAT was a walk in the park for me. With work commitments keeping me preoccupied round the clock, it was difficult to shell out enough time to prepare for the Test. Here is where, Jamboree stepped in. A friend recommended me to Jamboree, and I am glad to have made the decision to join. The tutors at Jamboree are excellent and masters of their subject. They go that extra mile to make sure all your doubts are attended to and specifically work on your weaknesses to ensure you score better on the final test. The course materials, especially the online tests, provided by Jamboree are comprehensive and exhaustive. Verbal was my shortcoming and a special appreciation goes to Prita for she helped me overcome this weakness. She was available at all times and ensured that I practiced enough to do better in verbal. I scored a 700 in my GMAT (Q-50, V-35), a giant leap from my first mock attempt, where in I had scored 600 Q-47, V-26). Kudos to the whole team at Jamboree and I highly recommended them to any MBA Aspirant.


GMAT Score : 690

Thanks for all your efforts for helping me with the applications. Without which I would not have got an admit at ISB. Thanks for the professional help and the ever encouraging attitude of yours. It’s been a pleasure knowing you.


GMAT Score : 690

"Thank you for the classes. I would like to thank the staff at Jamboree for supporting and guiding me throughout my GMAT and TOEFL preparation. The tips shared during the classroom discussions came in handy at the time of the exams. The exhaustive preparatory material provided by Jamboree also helped me analyze my strengths and weaknesses and prepare effectively for the exams. Besides this, continuous systematic personal efforts are also important."


GMAT Score : 680

I wanted to thank Jamboree for the constant support they provided me during my GMAT studies. Everyone was always helpful, the teaching was excellent and the personal touch was greatly encouraging. I got a score of 680 on my first attempt and am delighted. Thank you!


GMAT Score : 680

"I'd like to thank the team at Jamboree Dubai for helping me prepare for the GMAT and achieve my desired test score from the very first time. The instructors were very well informed in their respective subject areas and the fast-track course was well structured. There was a balance in the classroom between teaching us the basic concepts and theories behind the exam and providing us with enough practice material. The instructors continually assisted us and followed up on any doubts we had so they can clear them up prior to taking the actual exam. I definitely could not have achieved my desired score without Jamboree's help and support. They were an invaluable resource and provided much-needed structure to my studying. I highly encourage anyone thinking of taking the GMAT to enroll in Jamboree's prep. courses. Get ready to work hard but at the end it's worth it!"


GMAT Score : 640

I would like to thank JAMBOREE for the most precious training you provided me with. I started my preparation course in February 2012 and took the GMAT test in May. The 11 week course was well structured and covered all only useful topics tested during the GMAT. The day I took the exam, I was not only at ease with concepts I never heard of before my preparation at Jamboree but as well with the exam itself. The teachers and the team are nice and welcoming. One unexpected benefit of preparing my GMAT at JAMBOREE was to put a feet into the MBA world and get many precious insights on the schools and application processes. Thanks JAMBOREE.


GMAT Score : 620

I would like to give a special thank you to Jamboree for the support you have given me in helping me get a worthy GMAT grade. You guys have done a great job with Jamboree, and I wish you all the best of luck in the future!


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