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“Attempt” denotes an endeavor to achieve or accomplish a difficult task or action.

At 1Attempt, we help you succeed in planning and progressing your dream career.1Attempt assists in this endeavor by imparting the knowledge and confidence essential to your pursuit of higher education at the most prestigious universities. We achieve this by providing appropriate career advice, best test preparation techniques and proven application support.


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Students Testimonial

What Students Say

One Attempt surpassed all my expectations. The abundance of specifically tailored resources and personal tutoring given by One Attempt was something I hadn’t expected. A lot of my school friends went to college prep institutes, and none of them had felt satisfied. I was immensely lucky that I had signed up for One Attempt. No other institute have I ever heard of that allows students to schedule personalized classes with their preferred teachers. My teachers knew what score I was aiming for and they helped me identify my weaknesses, as well as utilize my strengths.

SAT 2018

These lads are on point - my score has increased over 200 already in my third attempt for the SAT and I have not even finished half the course yet. The classes are small and the teachers are helpful - and if you dont understand anything they will go out of way to help you.

SAT 2018

The course and staff are very helpful and I saw a fast progress in my scores in a short period of time.

SAT 2018

I am feeling lucky finding this place for my SAT and by practicing here and can conclude that all the students studying in one attempt will get best scores.Course structure and study plans are really helpful.

SAT 2018

Everyone at One Attempt is super helpful and the best thing I found was, how flexible everyone was to my timings and availability. Teachers are amazing. They come down to your level to explain everything in great detail. One attempt helped me get the required score in EA for London Business School. I highly recommend them.

GMAC EA, student at LBS EMBA

Amazing institution! It has helped me improve my sat score by a margin I never believed I could achieve. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, they motivate you to work hard and reach the score you have in mind. I would definitely recommend this institution to everyone who wants to achieve a high sat score.

SAT 2018

Team at 1attempt guided me with the entire admission process from shortlisting schools to making the final selection. They have a good process in place to collect information from students, and using the same to write excellent SOPs. Verbal faculty, explained some amazing tips and tricks in answering vocab related questions. Loved the NLP techniques he used to help students learn new words. The numerous practice exams help you get ready for the real GRE exams.

GRE Test Prep and Admissions

When I first decided to take to take the GMAT I wasn't sure I needed help I thought my English was pretty strong and as an electrical engineer I figured I took more than enough maths in my lifetime to be able to take the GMAT on my own but I went to Eduquest to have a chat with them anyway. After talking to Farzam and Sachin, I found out the GMAT was a much bigger monster than I previously thought and to be honest I could not have achieved my score without them so I would like to thank Eduquest for their help and a special thanks to faculty who was there for me every step of the way. 

GMAT -710 (Q-49, V-38)

I started my GRE preparation a few months in advance being away from academia for over a decade. Whilst I was progressing well using online GRE material, I was lacking the necessary tools to get that magic score. EDUQUEST (1attempt) Instructors gave that edge and the confidence I required to get my target score with fabulous instruction and guidance. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support from Farzam and my instructors Vinay and Ashish.

GRE SCORE : 318 ( Maths-158, Verbal-160)

Eduquest has been immensely helpful since day one. Extremely comprehensive classes with very well qualified teachers and counselors who know the ins and outs of the SAT and taught us to overcome obstacles and avoid falling for typical SAT tricks. The practice tests every Saturday were particularly helpful. Also, the review sessions were pivotal. To me, it is more important to review practice tests & identify where you went wrong in order to avoid making the same mistake again than it is to attempt more practice aimlessly, and the review sessions ensured just that. Thanks!

SAT -2040 (R-650, M-690, W-700) 

Eduquest (1Attempt) helped me improve my approach to standardized tests and my overall performance on the SAT. I improved by over 400 points .Thanks!

SAT Score: 2120 (W-780, M-690, R-650)

My experience with Eduquest was great as by the end of the course I had improved my score by almost 500. The classes were extremely useful and the teachers and counsellors were great at telling us exactly how to approach the questions and improve.Thanks!!

SAT Score: 2130 (W-700, M-780, R-650)

I am highly thankful to Eduquest for helping in all aspects to achieve a decent score in SAT. They taught me best strategies and tips personalized to my abilities. What was most important for me was time management. I was fully engaged with school activities and other tuitions but the Institute adjusted a lot by allowing me to attend in other batches as per my convenience of available time. This is a great help which I can never forget. They understand the value of overall performance, not just scoring in SAT and hence their teaching is comprehensive, highly professional. I felt every student is happy with Institute.

SAT Score: 530/730/620- 1880

1Attempt Dubai flaunts with a team of dedicated professionals. Both trainers and counselors at 1Attempt are extremely passionate and are always willing to go an extra mile. Needless to say, the expertise and experience the trainers have is brilliant. Additionally, it also flaunts a fabulous physical infrastructure. The study center is complete with the proctored labs, classrooms and other student conveniences. This makes a difference - as it makes the environment conducive to studying and learning. All in all, a highly recommended institute for those aiming high score on their competitive exams

GMAT Score : 760

I would like to take this opportunity to thank 1Attempt Dubai whose faculty and support staff never hesitated to go out of their way to help and guide in improving my GMAT score and this has resulted in me touching the 700+ mark. I would recommend 1Attempt without hesitation to every GMAT aspirant.

GMAT Score : 740

The instructors at 1Attempt were very supportive, the teaching highly relevant and the preparation rigorous. It would've been much harder to get a 740 without their help.

GMAT Score : 740

1Attempt was instrumental in helping me prepare for the GMAT. The instructors are very well informed and went over and above the standard training material to provide me with personalized feedback. They helped me identify gaps in my knowledge and gave me the right form of training to achieve my goals. I had a great experience with 1Attempt and would highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the GMAT.

GMAT Score : 730

I am pleased to record my appreciation of the 1Attempt Admissions Cell in the selection of North American universities to match my personal and academic profile. Throughout the application process for undergraduate studies, the expert and timely support of 1Attempt's admission counselors was a key element that helped me optimize my admission chances. The counselors guided me effectively in managing the application process, so that ultimately I could secure a number of positive responses. So, a big thank you to the team at 1Attempt ! Accepted in University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Penn State, Michigan State University (with 50k scholarship)

Undergrad Admissions

1Attempt has been very professional and prompt in providing College admission support services for both my children. I did not have to worry about Essays, timelines and the stress that goes with college admissions. The counselor provided very personalized service. I would highly recommend jamboree(1attempt).

Admissions Counseling

Five days before my 1st college deadline my friend happend to read my essays and his advice was simple - "you need professional help". I panicked as I didn't know what to do and who to trust with editing my essays. All my research lead me to a single name- 1Attempt. I am so thankful to 1Attempt for taking the task to help me with my application. The next few weeks went quiet smooth as editors were working personally along with me for my essays, college selection and the mock interviews. What can I say, these guys are the best at what they do.- Ami and team you guys were instrumental in making my dream come true. God bless.

Admission Counseling

Thanks for all the help given by 1Attempt ! Help given for writing the essay was timely and good. I wish you all the best and hope you will keep providing professional help to all parents and students seeking advice and help for college admission.

Northeastern University

My MBA journey started with the GMAT back in 2008, and nearly 3 years down the line, 3 training providers, expansive research and numerous sessions with other providers, I can confidently say 1Attempt is without a doubt- "the best". Apart from the knowledgeable instructors, the real strength lies in the genuine concern and deep interest that 1Attempt takes in every aspect of a student, a culture that many providers lack in the market. My acceptance to the University of Illinois, UC, with a scholarship is beyond my expectations, and I definitely could not have done it without you guys! Thank you for your support at every stage of my application. Success is inevitable for the effort you guys put in, nevertheless, wishing 1Attempt the very best!

MBA Admit UIUC With USD 10k Scholarship Per Year

My Experience at 1Attempt Dubai has been excellent and far above my expectations. Both the Maths and English Tutors helped me tremendously for my GRE Preparation. Getting a score of 1110 was kinda okay for me...but then the Admissions Cell helped me a lot for my university selection right until the very end. My admissions advisor helped me to select and apply to the universities of my choice and now I got enrolled into Cal State LA...so Thank you 1Attempt for all the advice and guidance.. I will chrish each and every moment at your institute.


1Attempt Latest

GMAT Score 710

Congratulations Rohit for scoring 710 in GMAT Test

GMAT Score 750

Congratulations Anay for scoring 750 in GMAT Test

SAT Score 790 (Physics)

Congratulations Chengyuan for scoring 790/800

SAT Score 800/800 (Math L2)

Congratulations Rahul Lobo for scoring 800/800 in SAT Test Prep

SAT Score 1380

Congrats Isaiah for scoring 1380 in SAT.

SAT Score 1380

Congrats Nuthara for scoring 1380 in SAT.

SAT Score 1470

Congrats Juhi Parmar for scoring 1470 in SAT.

SAT Score 1480

Congrats Sasha Kumar for scoring 1480 in SAT.

GMAT 750 (Oct 2016)

Congratulations Amir Hossein for scoring 750 in GMAT. 

SAT Subject Test - Physics in Dubai

Congratulations Dave for scoring 750/800 on SAT Physics. 

GMAT 750 in Dubai

Congratulations Kunal for scoring 750 in GMAT

GMAT 710 in Dubai

Congratulations Vineeta for scoring 710 in GMAT

New SAT Score in Dubai

Congrats Anirudh for securing 1420 in New SAT.

Quant-770, Verbal- 650

Introducing GMAC Executive Assessment 

All our faculty members recently took Executive Assessment. Join us to learn the intricacies involved.

Admit - Columbia University

Congratulations to our student Perhat G. for securing admission at Columbia University.

Admit - Richard Ivy Business School

Congratulations Prateek J for securing admission at Richard Ivy with $25K Scholarship

HARVARD Admit from Abu Dhabi

Congratulations Oorvi (Our GRE Student Abu Dhabi Center) for getting admitted into Harvard University.

GMAT 710 Abu Dhabi

Congratulations Kareem Mahmoud  for scoring 710 in GMAT

SAT Score 2120

Congratulations Mariam Abu Hussein for scoring 2120 in SAT Test Prep in Abu Dhabi

GMAT 720 in Abu Dhabi

Congratulations Deepak Mirchandani of our Abu Dhabi Center for scoring 720 in GMAT Test

SAT Score 2230 

Congratulations Karthik Raj (Abu Dhabi Center) for scoring 2230 in SAT

GRE Score 318

Congratulations Suvin Wettimuny for scoring 318 (Q:160;V:158) in GRE

SAT Subject Test - Chemistry in Abu Dhabi

Congratulations Prabhu Kartik for scoring 800 / 800 on SAT Math Level II ; 800 / 800 on SAT Physics and 740/800 on SAT Chemistry.

GMAT 730 in Dubai

Congratulations Reha Anand scoring 730 in GMAT

GMAT 720 in Dubai

Congratulations Shaun Ayrton for achieving a GMAT score of 720 from 640 from just 15 days training at our Dubai Knowledge Village Center.

GRE Score 324 

Congratulations Oorvi Sharma from Abu Dhabi center for scoring 324 (Q:161;V:163) in GRE!

GMAT Score 720

Congratulations Riyaz Ahmed from Abu Dhabi for scoring 720 in GMAT

GMAT Score 740

Congrats Kriti Saxena for scoring 740 in GMAT (Dubai)

SAT Subject Test 2290

Congrats Seyed Mohammad Ahlesaadat for scoring 2290 on SAT II ( Math Level II - 800, Physics : 750, Chemistry :740)

GMAT Score 700

Congrats Mayur Bhatia for scoring 700(Q:45, V:41) on GMAT at Dubai Center

GMAT Score 740

Congrats Farah Sarfaraz (Dubai Center Student) for scoring 740 on GMAT.

GMAT Score 740

Congrats Rishone Iyengar for scoring 740(Q:50, V:41) in GMAT.

GMAT Score 710

Congrats Sujay Anvari for scoring 710 in GMAT from Dubai Center.

GMAT 710 - Proma Sen

Congrats Proma for scoring 710 on GMAT at Dubai Center.

GRE Score 316

Congrats Basel Kanaan for scoring 316 on GRE at Dubai Center

GMAT Score 700

Congrats Pratik Setia for scoring 700 on GMAT at Dubai Center.


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