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The One Attempt application support cell is a one-stop partner in your quest to secure admission to the finest Undergraduate, UK Medicine, Graduate, MBA, and PhD programs across the world. We help you shortlist universities and programs that match your aspiration and are best suited to your profile.

Once you’ve enrolled with us, we ensure that your application process is as painless and hassle-free as possible. Our comprehensive database and extensive experience ensures we select the best schools/programs customized to meet your exacting goals. From choosing the right universities to taking care of your entire application process and following up with the universities – we support you all the way till you secure admission and even post this stage provide selection interview prep where this is necessary.

Our extensive network of students studying in foreign universities are readily approachable to offer reliable, current feedback on studying and living abroad.

Among the thousands of universities across the world, there is one perfect-fit university for you, and we will get you there.


University Application Assistance

We’re here to assist you every step of the way as you navigate the university application process. From clarifying admission requirements to guiding you through the application submission, our dedicated team is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and let us help make your university application journey a seamless and successful one.”


We provide personalized MBA application support, helping you craft standout essays and prepare for interviews to maximize your chances of admission to top programs.

We offer tailored support for Masters and PhD applications, guiding you through every step to present a compelling application that maximizes your chances of admission to top programs.

We offer personalized support for undergraduate applications, assisting you in navigating the process to present a strong application for admission to your desired universities.

We specialize in guiding aspiring medical and dental students through the rigorous application processes, providing tailored support to help maximize their chances of admission to top programs.


Empower your potential with our expert MBA application assistance! Our comprehensive services are designed to guide you through every step of the application process, from selecting the right programs to crafting compelling essays and preparing for interviews. With personalized support and strategic advice, we help you present your best self and achieve your MBA dreams. Let us be your partner on the path to business school success!

Recent Acceptances

  • Saeed Al Wahedi – London Business School – EMBA
  • Khalifa Al Ansari – UC Berkely – Haas School of Business – MBA
  • Saumya Aliwadi – HEC Paris – MBA
  • Fatima Aldhaheri – LBS and INSEAD – MBA
  • Massimo Attina – London Business School – MBA
  • Lubna Daud – INSEAD, UMD Admit – MBA
  • Angel Zhou – Warwick Business School MBA
  • Patrice Al Kamary – INSEAD – MBA
  • Linn Salamon – INSEAD – MBA
  • Afnan Tayyab – IESE Business School – MBA
  • Rafael Meneghetti – ESADE – MBA
  • Srinaini Kesani – HEC Paris – MBA
  • Jingli Tian – HEC Paris – MBA

Stories from Our Students

"The admission counselling team has immense experience and guides one thoroughly to help prepare amazing MBA applications. I will recommend One Attempt to anyone who is looking for a 700+ score on the GMAT and for pursuing an MBA in a top tier university."
Prateek Jain
(MBA- MBA- Ivey Business School, Schulich School of Business)
"I would recommend you avail One Attempts Application support service for your university applications. Ms Ami is genuinely honest, is personally invested in your success, and has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that will help make you a better person in your journey in life, not just your university application."
Afnan Tayyab
(MBA- IESE Bussines School)
"One Attempt was an excellent choice in supporting my journey to secure admissions to top Canadian MBA programs. The support I received for my GMAT preparation was top-notch. I was expertly matched with the best MBA programs based on my profile. Their guidance with the admission requirements, including interviews, was invaluable. Thanks to the team's instructions, I was offered admission to the top 5 MBA programs in Canada. I highly recommend their services to MBA aspirants!
Kokulan Pushparajah
(MBA- Schulich School of Business,UBC Sauder)
"One Attempt surpassed my expectations, I decided to use their admissions counseling services for my MBA applications. As expected, they went above and beyond to be with me the whole way. They were also kind enough to allow me to use their facilities to practice for my TOEFL test even though I did not pay for it. I recommend One Attempt to all who are looking to ace their tests and gain their dream acceptances."
Amir Hossein
(MBA- Cornell,LBS)

Masters / PhD

Unleash your academic potential with our expert Masters and PhD application assistance! Our tailored services are designed to support you through every stage of the application process, from identifying the best programs to crafting standout essays and acing interviews. With personalized guidance and strategic insights, we help you present a compelling application and achieve your graduate school goals. Let us be your partner in navigating the path to academic excellence!

Recent Acceptances

  • Tannya Kaushal – Arizona State University – MS
  •  Surya Sowgandh – Liverpool,Leeds, Cardiff – MS
  • Monisha Punjabi – Purdue, Duke – MS
  • Moosa Al Tamimi – Boston Uni, Metropolitan – MS Finance
  • Temera Husseini – Purdue, Duke – MS
  • Jagwant Singh – Monash, Uni of Sydney – MS
  • Shamma Almazrui – LSE, Oxford, LBS, Imperial
  • Ladan Farah – Lancaster, Glasgow – MS
  • Mohamed Baj – John Hopkins, George Mason – MS
  • Mohammed Al Mazrooei – UCL – PhD
  • Noora Almarri – Edinburgh, UCL – PhD
  • Aathira S. Cardiff – PhD
  • Satej. Carnegie Mellon, Texas A&M – MS
  • Reha Anand-London School of Economics, Oxford University, HEC Paris – MS Finance

Stories from Our Students

"I got the good help in getting my admission. Overall experience was nice. The team is very good 👍🏻"
Azhar Abbas
Post-Grad - University of Oxford - SBS
"Everyone at One Attempt is super helpful and the best thing I found was, how flexible everyone was to my timings and availability. One attempt helped me get the required score in EA for London Business School. I highly recommend them."
Ayesha Jahangir
(London Business School)
My journey with 1Attempt began during my study of the GMAT. Ever since, this team has never failed to impress me with their efforts towards pushing each and every student to achieve his goals! After obtaining a reputable score, I found myself at the next phase of my application process (to masters in finance): the actual applications. These can be so tedious with writing essays, finding recommenders, filling various online forms & so on! I am so glad I enrolled myself into 1Attempt's admission counseling workshop that really helped bring together my application in a coherent manner. Be it interview preps or essay edits, there was always some sort of material 1Attempt had for me to ace these. Special mention goes to Mr. Giri Iyengar who has really helped my personality shine through my essays. Finally, I was very happy with my admissions results. I would definitely recommend 1Attempt to anyone looking for sustained team effort and good quality final results.
Reha Anand
(MS Finance- University of Oxford SBS, LSE, HEC-Paris)
When I joined Attempt I was really lost in terms of math knowledge and verbal proficiency. I found the course extremely well organized and user friendly, and after 1 month I was able to see the improvement! The teachers were professional and always had time to solve doubts and explain concepts again and again. Moreover, the online test of the 1Attempt play an important role too, when I face the real exam I felt confident and ready to ace it!! I am gonna start my MBA in Stern this fall and just can thank Attempt for all the support!!
Lorena Dominguez
(NYU-Stern, University of Michigan- Ross)


Discover your potential with our expert undergraduate application assistance! Our comprehensive services are designed to support you through every phase of the college application process, from choosing the best-fit schools to crafting compelling essays and preparing for interviews. With personalized guidance and strategic advice, we help you highlight your strengths and achieve your college admission goals. Let us be your partner in turning your college dreams into reality!

Recent Acceptances

  • Saif Khalid Mohammad Almarzooqi – University of Edinburgh, Kings College London – Bachelors
  • Sasha Kumar –UCLA, NYU, UCSD, UM, Boston Uni., Northeastern, UMass, University of Toronto
  • Shivin Singh – Purdue, Ohio State Uni, Umass- Amherst, Texas A&M, Indiana University, Michigan State, University of Iowa
  • Sulaiman Alfalaiti – University of Colorado – Boulder, Texas tech, SUNY Buffalo
  • Basma –University of Liverpool, Cardiff University, Plymouth University
  • Adam Cheltout – Bocconi, IESE, ESADE – Bachelors
  • Gokce Naz – Michigan State, Uni of Connecticut, ASU, Lancaster – Bachelors
  • Sidhant – Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, Penn State, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UBC
  • Anirudh – Georgia Tech, UCLA
  • Khaled Omer – Virginia Tech – Bachelors
  • Mohammed Alyammahi – University of Toronto,  UBC, McGill University
  •  Shouq Alyassi Affan – University of Toronto
  • Abdulmalek Alawadhi – The University of Manchester, University of Toronto
  • Buti Khalfan – King’s College London, The University of Manchester
  • Fatmah Alyammahi – Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Abduaziz Alhumaid – University of British Columbia, University of Toronto
  • Hossein Dianat – California State University, SUNY
  • Mohamed – Virginia Tech, Purdue, UC Irvine, Texas A&M, Uni. of Florida, Penn State.

Stories from Our Students

"One Attempt did a great job in helping me edit my University application essays for USA and UK, it was lovely working with Mr. Giri."
Gokce Naz
(Undergrad- Michigan State, Uni of Connecticut, ASU, Lancaster)
""The best team ever, they are really helpful I recommend everyone to get the help from ONE ATTEMPT if your are willing to study abroad.""
Fatima Khamees
Georgia Institute of Technology
"As a 12th grade student, university applications have been causing me a lot of stress. One attempt helped me keep track of due dates, helped me with filling in my applications, and gave me guidance whenever I needed it regarding my applications and future studies. My counsellors helped me whenever I needed it directly and quickly, they helped lift the weight and take most of the train and pressure off, and I am grateful that I was able to enroll in the program."
Sara Alawadhi
(University of Toronto)
"One attempt helped me massively with my application to universities. Whilst I was facing difficulties and was unsure of what I wanted to study and where I would apply to, the staff at One attempt were always in contact with me and always assured their support for me, for that I will always be grateful to them. I would highly recommend registering with them as their services are as professional as it gets."
Hriday Mujumdar
BioMedical - Western University-Canada


Achieve your medical career dreams with our expert UK and Ireland medicine application assistance! Our specialized services are tailored to guide you through every step of the application process, from selecting the right medical schools to crafting standout personal statements and preparing for the UCAT and interviews(MMI). With personalized support and strategic advice, we help you present a compelling application and secure your place in a UK medical school. Let us be your partner on the journey to becoming a doctor!

Recent Acceptances

  • Rayan Joy – Glasgow, Cardiff,  University College Cork School of Dentistry
  • Tooba Sajid – Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester , Sheffiel – Medicine
  • Kareem – University of Central Lancashire, MBR University – Medicine
  • Layla Bashaireh – Manchester, St. Andrews – Medicine
  • Ahmed – Liverpool – Medicine
  • Shahad – Cardiff – Medicine
  • Kareem – UCC, RCSI – Medicine
  • Rayyan Masood -RCSI – Medicine
  • Haytham – IMU – Malaysia – Medicine
  • Mariam Shareef – King’s College London , Manchester
  • Linn Embro – UCC – Medicine
  • Sam Tehranchi – University of St. Andrews – Medicine
  • Shradha Vinod – Buckingham, Brunel, RCSI, Lancashire – Medicine
  • Avani Vaidhya – Dundee, St. George’s, Queen Mary, UCC – Medicine

Stories from Our Students

"Really helpful throughout the application process. Have a great and welcoming staff. "
Taanvi Maheshwari
UK Medical Student
"My experience at One Attempt has surpassed my expectations in every way possible. Not only did my tutors do everything they could to help me achieve the necessary UCAT score required by my university, but they also made the process of learning extremely enjoyable. So thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me achieve such a fantastic score."
Layla Bashaireh
(Medicine - The University of Manchester)
"My experience with One Attempt has truly helped me in getting my desired scores in the UCAT. From building my confidence to clearing my doubts, my tutors went well and beyond in insuring that I was at my optimum state before giving my exam. I started my UCAT journey by taking classes at one attempt. Not only did they familiarize me to the exam but also set my mindset on how I will be preparing. After taking the classes I took a break to focus on my AS level examination and started once again by the end of June. I was able to reattend those classes I took previously to refresh myself. I practiced few questions for a month, building up my techniques and focusing on my accuracy. I had numerous individual sessions to focus on improving my accuracy and minimizing my mistakes. During my next month I focused on doing questions under timed pressure and this is when I started taking UCAT seriously and reviewed my progress by doing Mocks weekly. With the help of UCAT Classes, Numerous resources, and a ton of practice I was able to achieve my desired goals. The best tip is to make sure you are able to understand your mistake and why you went wrong to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
Siyam Rafiq
(Medicine - RCSI)
"One Attempt helped me with my UCAT preparation and with them I was able to achieve the score that I wanted. Trainers both gave me valuable tips on sections I was struggling with, which allowed me to improve significantly. With Wendell I was able to coordinate times for practice and lessons to consolidate my knowledge. Thank you One Attempt for all your support!"
Bianca Mirpuri
(Medicine - University of Cambridge)

Application Support

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    Placement successes that include MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Cornell, Columbia, Oxford and other top ranked universities and programs.

    Profile assessment and career mapping to ensure best fit of applicant with the universities/programs

    100% Admission success rate

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    Expertise in supporting applications across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines

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    Admissions FAQs

    • Personal Information: Name, contact details, etc.
    • Academic Record: Transcripts, GPA, standardized test scores (SAT, ACT for Undergrad and GMAT, GRE for Masters candidate etc.).
    • Letters of Recommendation: Typically from teachers, counselors, or mentors. (Manager or Clients for Masters Candidate)
    • Personal Statement or Essay: Often a chance to showcase your personality, experiences, and aspirations.
    • Extracurricular Activities: Clubs, sports, volunteer work, etc.
    • Application Fee: Some universities require a fee for processing applications.

    Undergraduate Candidate

    It’s advisable to start at least a year before you plan to attend university, typically during your junior year of high school.
    This allows time for test preparation, building your extracurricular profile, and crafting strong application essays.

    Consider factors such as academic programs, location, campus culture, size, and financial aid opportunities.
    Research universities thoroughly, visit if possible, and consult with counselors, teachers, and alumni.

    This varies by institution, but many universities consider standardized test scores as part of their admissions process.

    Share personal experiences that shaped your interests and goals.
    Reflect on challenges you’ve overcome and lessons learned.
    Explain why you’re interested in the specific university or program.
    Show your personality, voice, and unique perspective.

    Choose recommenders who know you well and can speak to your academic abilities, character, and potential.
    Ask politely and well in advance, providing necessary information about deadlines and submission requirements.
    Follow up with a thank-you note after receiving the recommendation.

    One Attempt will help you choose your recommenders and edit the letter.

    Many students enter university undecided about their major, and that’s okay.
    Look for universities with strong exploratory programs or a wide range of academic offerings.
    Take advantage of career counseling services and internships to explore your interests.

    Talk to us we have a Team of brutally honest Counselors that can guide you through.

    Yes, it’s common for students to apply to multiple universities to increase their chances of acceptance and compare options.
    However, be mindful of application fees and deadlines, and prioritize universities that align with your interests and goals.

    Meet with us, and we will provide you with a personalized university list that best matches your profile.

    • Undergraduate: High school diploma or equivalent, SAT/ACT scores, and sometimes additional standardized tests.
    • MBA: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, often with minimum GPA requirements, work experience, and GMAT/GRE scores.
    • Master’s: Bachelor’s degree relevant to the field of study, with specified prerequisites and sometimes GRE/GMAT scores.

    MBA: Work experience is typically a significant factor, with most programs preferring candidates with at least a few years of professional experience.
    Master’s: Work experience may vary depending on the program and field of study, but relevant experience or internships can strengthen an application.

    MBA: Emphasize career goals, leadership experience, and how the MBA will enhance your skills and trajectory.
    Master’s: Highlight academic and professional background, research interests, and how the program aligns with your career objectives.

    Research programs thoroughly, considering factors such as curriculum, faculty expertise, industry connections, and alumni networks.
    Look for programs that offer specializations or concentrations aligned with your career interests.
    Consider the location, reputation, and accreditation of the program, as well as factors like cost and financial aid opportunities.

    MBA: Interviews are common, especially for top-tier programs, and may be conducted in-person or virtually.
    Master’s: Some programs may require interviews as part of the application process to assess fit and qualifications.

    Consider reapplying in the future after gaining additional experience or improving your qualifications.
    Explore alternative programs or pathways to achieve your academic and career objectives, such as certificate programs, online courses, or professional development opportunities.

    • Focus on highlighting your strengths in other areas such as leadership experience, professional achievements, extracurricular activities, and strong letters of recommendation.
    • Consider retaking the GMAT/GRE to improve your score, or address any weaknesses in your application through an optional essay or additional coursework.

    You absolutely deserve
    the very best service!

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