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University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). 

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      What is UCAT?

      The University Clinical Aptitude Test is an entrance test accepted by a consortium of universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand for entry into medical and dental degree programs. The exam tests a student’s mental ability and his readiness to join a medical school. The UCAT and UCAT ANZ are two-hour computer-based tests, divided into five separately timed multiple-choice tests: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Situational Judgement.

      The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an entrance test accepted by a consortium of UK universities for entry into medical and dental degree programs. The exam tests student’s mental ability and his readiness to join a medical school. Click here to read about the Medical schools, which accept UCAT. One Attempt offers a preparatory course specially designed for students who wish to study at medical schools in the UK.

      UCAT Test Pattern

      UCAT is a two-hour computer-based test. The test is divided into five separately timed tests, which measure a students’ mental ability. All questions are in a multiple-choice format.


      UCAT Test Structure

      Test Section

      Verbal Reasoning

      Decision Making

      Quantitative Reasoning

      Abstract Reasoning

      Situational Judgement













      Section Score 





      Band 1 – Band 4

      UCAT Test Structure

      Verbal Reasoning

      No. of Question : 44

      Time : 21 Minutes

      Scoring : 300-900

      Decision Making

      No. of Question : 29

      Time : 31 Minutes

      Scoring : 300-900

      Quantitative Reasoning

      No. of Question: 36 Questions

      Time : 30 Minutes

      Scoring : 300-900

      Abstract Reasoning

      No. of Question: 55 Questions

      Time : 13 Minutes

      Scoring : 300-900

      Situational Reasoning

      No. of Question: 69 Questions

      Time : 26 Minutes

      Scoring : Band 1 – Band 4

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      Bianca Mirpuri (Dubai College)3210
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      Karl Storholm (German International School)3050
      Siyam Rafiq (The Winchester School)2920
      Tuleen Al Shawa (International School of Choueifat)2870
      Hannah Dawson (Dubai College)2860
      Rayan Ghous (Dubai College)2820
      Mohammed Hussain (Dubai College)2820
      Nicole Tan (Univesity of Queensland)2810
      Ryka Kazanchi (Dubai American Academy)



      UCAT FAQs

      The UCAT is a standardized test used by universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand to assess the aptitude of candidates applying for medical and dental programs.

      The UCAT assesses a candidate’s cognitive abilities, including critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and non-verbal reasoning skills. It does not test specific academic knowledge or scientific facts.

      The UCAT exam lasts for two hours and 15 minutes. It consists of five separately timed subtests: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Situational Judgment.

      The UCAT is typically offered during a specific testing window each year, usually from July to September. Candidates must register for a specific date and time within this window.

      You’re limited to taking the UCAT once per year. Therefore, if you don’t achieve your desired score, you’ll have to wait until the following year for another attempt.

      Each subtest of the UCAT is scored separately, and the scores are scaled to provide a total score ranging from 300 to 900. Some universities may use the UCAT score as part of their selection criteria for medical and dental school admissions.

      Registration for the UCAT is done online through the official UCAT website. Candidates must create an account, select their preferred testing date and location, and pay the registration fee.

      The cost of taking the UCAT varies depending on the testing region and date. As of my last update, the registration fee for the UCAT was around £75 for testing within the UK and £120 for testing outside the UK.

      The UCAT is typically a mandatory requirement for applicants to medical and dental programs at universities that require it. However, not all universities use the UCAT as part of their admissions process, so it’s essential to check the specific requirements of each institution you’re applying to.

      There are various resources available to help candidates prepare for the UCAT, including official practice materials provided by the UCAT Consortium, preparation courses, and online practice tests. It’s recommended to start preparing well in advance of your testing date to familiarize yourself with the format and content of the exam.

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