Addressing Common Mistakes while Studying GMAT

Acquiring a perfect GMAT score is that landing cruise for you to set sail in your dreams. And there are millions of people like you who burn the midnight oil to prepare for the exams. Just like you could tackle your negligence while writing the exams through constant studying, it is equally important to make significant steps in avoiding common mistakes while studying. Here is your dose of motivation to overcome your fears of walking through the enlightening path of GMAT.

● Stop procrastinating and start acting on your study plan
You might have already been afoot in creating a well-structured and petite study plan, but have you tried to follow it till this day? Like every other student, you would have said, ‘let’s start fresh tomorrow’ and even you might have lost count of how many morrows have passed. Instead, think in this way, ‘if every other student was procrastinating, then it is a chance for me to gain a day’s worth of value, which is already lost to others.’ In this manner, you would be able to stick on to your set timetable and your consistent efforts would be rewarded.

● It is time to set a realistic schedule
You should not be an underachiever in setting your schedule and again, you should not be an overachiever too. Cramming your schedule would hardly do any good to you, so take in small bites but go steady in your plans. Deduce how much time you can spare for your GMAT preparation a day. Either a working professional, a student or a full-time homemaker, you must allocate time for each of your activities. Instead of saying that you would dedicate 10 hours of study per day while engaging in your daily routine, introspect on how much burden you can take on and this, assign specific time slots for all. Streamlining your time would inadvertently simplify your stress.

● Familiarize yourself with the CAT format through continuous practice
GMAT is essentially a test to determine your management skills of which time management plays a great role. The timed Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT) would be the perfect platform for you to master timing as it would give out the questions based on the abilities of the students. With each passing question, your skills would be measured, all the while helping you think faster within the limited time frame. But if you do not take up enough practice tests, you would be hauled into a time-lapse, thus affecting your scores badly.

If you leap forward in addressing these concerns, then you are halfway through your success. But the real pain is marking your official test date. Some of them would attempt the exam when they think they are fully ready, but mark these words, those days would never arrive. It is better to set a deadline yourself and register for the exam so that you would be motivated to accomplish your goals.

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